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•優越的地理位置 毗鄰許多地標性熱點,從大自然景觀到充滿本土風情的夜市;都獨具魅力特色!

•種類繁多,風味迥異的美食處處可覓得; 從生猛海鮮, 道地美食, 再到國際化精美佳 餚, 勢必能讓您大飽口福 !

•峇都丁宜一帶依山傍海; 在翠綠的樹叢林園之中; 仿如大自然生態的天堂, 也是各 種動植物的快樂家園

•常年陽光明媚的潔美海灘; 讓您的日常生活時光都有若度假般輕鬆

發掘數之不盡的精彩就在 Ferringhi Residence 2! 今日立即瀏覽http或撥打 52233863 以查詢了解更多詳情。

Home to sunny beaches and beautiful sea waves, Batu Ferringhi, Penang is an internationally renowned tourist destination where there is so much to experience and enjoy.

– This well-connected location is close to a myriad of landmark attractions with a unique charm of their own, ranging from natural landscapes to night markets offering abundant local flavours.

– A wide variety of delectable food can be found throughout Batu Ferringhi, comprising raw seafood, authentic cuisines and exquisite international delights that will tantalise your taste buds.

– Surrounded by mountains and sea, Batu Ferringhi is a verdant, nature-rich paradise inhabited by various types of flora and fauna.

– Sunny year-round, the clean and breathtaking beaches are ideal spots for a relaxing vacation.

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